About me

I was born in 1976. I live in Bavaria and work in Munich as a Software Developer/Architect. I’ve been a professional developer for more than 15 years.
I’ve mostly worked professionally with Java, C, C++ and Python but also a little bit with Ruby, Perl and PHP.
I’ve published more than 20 articles for German programming magazines, mostly about Ruby and Python but also C++ and Java.

I like building new stuff and work with other people – nothing really interesting is ever built alone!

My main interests are:
– Software architecture
– High availability
– Distributed Systems
– Java/JVM/Scala
– Python
– Rust
– Concurrent programming
– Kafka
– Reactive Programming
– Learning new programming languages
– English and Spanish
– Writing

My working philosophies:
– Communication and collaboration with other developers and stakeholders is the key to a successful project
– Use the right tool for the job. A programming language is just a tool!
– Always try to learn something new

Beside programming I am interested in sports (running, mountain biking, strength training) and birds, especially raptors (like eagles, vultures, hawks, etc) and their ecology and conservation.
I run the europeanraptors.org website and I am responsible for the raptor interviews on africanraptors.org.
I am also very interested in the conservation and ecology of large predators like wolves, bears, tigers, lions, pumas or leopards.

I also like foreign languages and am currently putting a lot of effort into becoming fluent in Spanish. I consider myself advanced right now.
And of course it is always fun to learn something new about English (in which I am already fluent).

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