File system events with Java 7

In the last post, I showed how to listen to Linux file system events using C, Ruby and Python.
In this post, we look at Java 7. Java 7 has several new classes in the java.nio.file package that let you listen to file system events. wholesale NBA jerseys The number of events available is not as extensive as the ones in the C, Ruby and Python example.
If you want to use the inotify mechanism directly in Java, look at the following libraries:

In this example, we only look at the features of the new classes that come with Java 7. For this test, I used jdk-7-ea-bin-b144 64 bit on a Linux machine. It should work exactly like that when Java 7 is final.

Here is the source code:

This is a simple example on how to use the new classes. I created a new Thread that listens in an infinite loop for changes in the directory “/tmp/java7”. For each event (when a file is created, modified or deleted), the event and the file name is printed to Stdout. Note that this also works when creating or deleting directories.

Basically you create a WatchService, register the directory to watch (with the events to watch for), loop forever, create a WatchKey and poll on the WatchKey for events, then go over the events and do something with them, like printing as in this example. When done processing the events, reset the WatchKey so that it can contain new events.
The method reset returns true if the WatchKey is still valid. When you delete the watched directory, it returns false and in this example, the code breaks out of the while loop and terminates.

Note that in a real production system, you would probably not use System.out.println but do something else, like updating the directory view in a file manager, sending an email (for example, when watching a directory for activities that are not allowed, etc) or other actions.

In this example, I interrupt the program after 10 seconds. This is just to show you how to end watching a directory.

To test it, create the directory “/tmp/java7” and then create, modify and delete a few files in it. To see the reset method in action, remove the directory. If you want to play longer than 10 seconds, just remove the call to interrupt at the end of the main method.

For more information, see the javadoc of Java 7:

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  1. Varun says: Reply

    Above code works but there is a problem:
    Issue: When I create a file inside the folder and try to delete the folder. then this program keep waiting and will not monitor any more events.
    It works well only if folder is empty before deleting.
    import java.nio.file.Files;

    if (Files.notExists(path)){
    System.out.println(“No longer valid”);
    Removed code that starts with if (!watchKey.reset()) {

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