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5 logical fallacies that make you wrong more than you thinkNow, yes, football extends well beyond the domain of the NFL from the cruel college system right on down to little boys scrimmaging but the NFL commissioner is, in effect, the spiritual head of the game. Where else do we turn for moral leadership? The NCAA? The presidents of the Southeastern Conference? The network pregame shows?And then there’s the fact that when it comes to the big charities, research of any kind wholesale nfl jerseys often takes a backseat to outreach, informational campaigns, and those colored ribbons. Last year, nonprofit juggernaut Susan G. donated only 16.5 percent of the $250 million it raised to research. Keep in mind that this is the group which supposedly works “for the cure.” They’re also notorious for not letting late stage Baratas Ray Ban breast cancer sufferers speak at feel good fundraising events (and if they do, you can count on them to downplay the seriousness of their condition).”She’s currently under treatment for owies caused by a Stage IV boo boo .”This year I noticed that the NFL’s “Crucial Catch” campaign focused on the American Cancer Society and early detection. Maybe it always did and I just didn’t pay attention, but my discomfort grew. There has been so much written about the misunderstanding of the benefits of early detection, especially over the past few years. There is a growing understanding that it is not the answer to breast cancer, but it is a multi billion dollar business. Part of the NFL/ACS campaign is about early detection in underserved populations. The fact is that, for example, while breast cancer mortality has been slowly decreasing in this country in all populations, it is decreasing at a lower rate in African American women. NFL Jerseys Cheap A terrible situation and one that we have to figure out. But there are two important things to keep in mind here: first, the discrepancy in mortality has existed since at least 1981, before screening mammography and early detection were in vogue. And two, the goal should not be to bring African American women’s mortality to the level wholesale china jerseys of other women. It should be to make certain that no women die of breast cancer. Early detection would never accomplish that goal.Oh, for the record, here and there, other nations possess an abiding interest in some school game. In England, after all, the Oxford Cambridge crew race has been a fixture since 1829. But we’re the odd fellows who’ve made school football and later basketball too almost as popular as the finest professional leagues.

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