Scala: Put a long one line operation on collections in it’s own method

Scala collections are extremely powerful and once you get used to all the methods and different collections you don’t want to get back to other programming languages that don’t offer all that power.
Often you can write rather complex operations in just one line instead of many loops and tempory variables thanks to methods like filter, map, foldLeft, reduceLeft, etc.

But while it is easy to chain such method calls for powerful transformations it can take a while for someone new to Scala to understand your code:
Let’s take the following code as an example. It is a contrived example about how to build a URL query string from a Map[String, String].

The code is a “one liner” even though it is better to write it over several lines as I did here to make it more readable.
What the code does is build a query string for a URL from keys and values in a Map.
The code is not really difficult.
In the first line uses the filterKeys method to filter out only the books that belong to the fantasy category. The second line does the URL encoding using UTF-8, the builds the query string using foldLeft and at the end calls dropRight to get rid of the last “&”.

This code is quite easy to understand when you have some experience with Scala. You could come up with a similar code in Ruby or even Java 8 using the new lambdas.

But I recommend putting code like this in it’s own method with a good name. This makes it more readable for people new to your code – and to you too when you get back to the code after few months.

The following code shows how this might look like:

Calling the method makes the code easier to read and everyone who reads your code does not need to know the details of how you build the query string.

Always try to make the code as easy to read as possible.

Note that I prefer to add the return type to the method declaration. This is not necessary because the Scala compiler can figure it out automatically but it makes the code easier to read and when you change it later and make a mistake and return a different data type the compiler will tell you immediately.

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