Pennsylvania Electricity Rates – How To Shop For The Best Rates

Pennsylvania Electricity Rates – How To Shop For The Best Rates

When it comes to energy, Pennsylvania residents have the power to shop around for the best rates. Since deregulation went into effect over a decade ago, the Keystone State has one of the most active and competitive energy markets in the nation. The pa electric choice website provides utility customers with information about the deregulated market including how to shop for a new electricity supplier, understand your bill and learn more about your rights as an energy customer.

Whether you’re looking for a great deal on your electricity rate or just want to make sure you’re paying the lowest prices, it’s important to know all of your options and what to look out for when shopping for a plan. Hidden fees and escalating rates are no fun for anyone, so it’s essential to always check the fine print before signing any contracts. The team at Arbor can help you find the best rates in your area with our free TrueRate Protection service. We’ll scan the market and give you the lowest rates available in your area, and we’ll automatically switch you when your term is about to expire. You’ll never have to worry about overpaying for your electricity again!

With more than 12.8 million people living in the Commonwealth, Pennsylvania is the 5th most populous state in the United States. It is also a major tourist destination due to its rich history, including the birthplace of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence as well as iconic landmarks like the Liberty Bell and the Gettysburg Address. The state is also home to a number of major industries, especially manufacturing and transportation. Its transportation industry is responsible for the most electricity consumption in the state, with commercial energy making up second and industrial power third.

While fossil fuels continue to make up most of the energy produced in Pennsylvania, it is becoming increasingly important to find alternative sources of generation. As a result, the state has increased its production of renewable energy with solar and wind production accounting for more than half of the total amount of renewables generated in 2021.

All PA utility customers can take advantage of the state’s deregulated energy market by switching their supply company to lower their monthly bills. However, it’s important to remember that your utility will still handle all of the delivery/distribution charges on your bill. The supply/generation charges are the ones that will change when you choose a different electricity supplier.

Almost all Pennsylvania utilities are now offering their customers the opportunity to choose an independent energy provider. This means that the only thing changing on your monthly utility bill will be the cost to generate the power you use from the supplier you select. You can shop for a new electricity provider with our easy-to-use online tool by entering your ZIP code and selecting “search.” We’ll provide you with a list of the best electric companies in your area based on price, plan terms, customer service reviews and more.


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